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  Antimony Ore
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Antimony Metal Introduction
  Main Types of Antimony Ore
  Antimony Raw Material
Purchase-Antimony Ore,Antimony Mineral Sand ,Sulphide Antimony Ore ,Oxiden Antimony Ore ,Antimony Concentrates and Zinkenite
Quality and Price stipulation of Antimony Material Purchase
Antimony Mineral sand (lump ore ,powder ore ,floating selected sand mine)
Quality Standard
Pb/Sb ≤0.23% As/Sb ≤ 0.8%
lump ore particle size : exceed 30mm ,less than 150mm.
Lump Standard : Sb ≥30% or 5%≥Sb <30%,and S/Sb≥26%,Powder ore standard Sb≥25%,
floating selected sand mine standard : Sb≥30%. If the quality can not meet the above
standards we have the right to accept or reject.
Price Stipulation of Quality and Impurity ,Rejection Standard
Considered 50% as benchmark price ,if 5% above ,thus increase RMB50/MMt.
40.01~50% ,if 5% below ,thus decrease RMB 200/MMt.
30.01~40% ,if 5% below ,thus derease RMB 500/MMt .
20.01~20% , if 5% below ,thus decrease RMB800/MMt.
5.01~20%,if 1% below,thus decrease RMB500/MMt.
Pb/Sb,if 0.01% exceeds ,thus decrease RMB50/MMt .
As/Sb,if 0.1% exceeds ,thus decrease RMB100/MMt .
Pb/Sb>2% or As/Sb>3% rejection.
Confirm of Sulphide Antimony Mine ,Mixed Mine and Oxiden Mine,and Price Reduction Standard
S/Sb≥26% defined as sulphide mine ,16%≤S/Sb<26% defined as mixed mine ,S/Sb <16% defined as oxiden ore.
Mixed mine Sb≥25%,Price determined : RMB 200/MMt reduce from the same grade of sulphide mine.
Oxiden mine Sb≥30% ,Price Determined :RMB 500/MMt reduce from the same grade of sulphide mine.
Settlement Method of unqualified particle size (Antimony Mineral Sand )
Price Reduction Stipulation of powder mine
Sb≥30.01%, Price determined : RMB400/MMt reduced from the same grade of lump ore .
Sb 20.01~30%,Price determined :RMB 800/MMt reduced from the same grade of lump ore
Sb 10.01%~20%,Price determined : RMB 1,500/MMt reduced from the same grade of lump ore .
Sb 5.01%~10%,Price determined : RMB 2,400/MMt reduced from the same grade of lump ore. There is need of smash once lump length exceed 150mm,the actual cost will be all on supplier's account .
The prices of antimony ore,all included VAT .
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